Lactation and Ovulation

Lactation is known to halt ovulation, delaying regular periods for many women who are exclusively breastfeeding. Personally, this was one of my favorite benefits when I was nursing my babies. Of course, as with anything, there are no guarantees. However, most women I have met have had several months without a period after the baby was born. Many women find that when they return to work, sleep longer stretches or baby starts solid foods, that’s when their cycle starts back up again.


Junior high health class taught us that ovulation comes before menstruation. So what happens if you haven’t had a period in several months? How do you know if you’re ovulating? It can be hard to tell sometimes. Because it’s all hormonal, the shift in hormones can impact your milk supply. Some mothers never notice, but if you are pumping, you might see a dip in supply during ovulation.


It can help if you are in tune with when ovulation occurs. Check out the article below from the American Pregnancy Association. As always, you can count on me for support!


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