Vitamin D…Mom or Baby?

This is an encouraging research study regarding Vitamin D supplementation in the newborn baby.  It has become more common to recommend babies be supplemented early in the newborn period if they are exclusively breastfeeding.  Babies that are partially breastfed or exclusively bottle fed are receiving Vitamin D in other ways.  So often, new mothers are given the impression that their breastmilk is insufficient because they have to supplement their newborn.  This isn’t the case, and women should never be left to think that their breastmilk doesn’t have exactly what it needs.  Researchers conducting this dual-location study have found that when mothers supplement their own diet with additional Vitamin D, it is enough to supply the baby with what they need as well.  Isn’t this what it’s all about?  Better yet, this is a great benefit for mothers as well; it ensures that mom is receiving the Vitamin D she needs.  So let’s work on changing the language that surrounds this practice and encourage mothers to take additional Vitamin D and make sure they know it is NOT their milk that is deficient.


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