Can someone direct me to Post Partum Support please?

It all begins the moment you find out you’re pregnant.  Whether planned or a blessed surprise, things change.  You begin to eat differently, look at baby clothes, talk to other pregnant women, read blogs, buy baby books, and look into taking your first child birth class.

And doctor appointments. Ahh yes.  Whether you choose midwife or OB, it seems like you will never see a medical professional as much as you do when you are pregnant.  Questions, exams, blood work, tests, ultrasounds…

So what happens after the baby is born?  You’re breastfeeding, you’ve been discharged from the hospital.  You have questions.  Who should you call?  Your OB or midwife was amazing when it came to delivering your baby; your pediatrician is really focused on the baby.  Who takes care of the breasts?  It always troubled me that prenatal care and attention is abundant.  Once the baby comes, support is limited, and you are on your own to find that support.  More recently, I’ve noticed more support groups popping up, but how do you find them?  New moms don’t always have time for Google. 

If you are a pregnant mom, find post partum resources before the baby comes.  Even if you aren’t sure if you will need it, having it at your fingertips should you need it will be helpful.  Consider breastfeeding help, mother support groups where breastfeeding is encouraged, look for websites with evidence based information.  If you are a new mom who found this information all on your own, pass it along to an expecting mom.  This information is so valuable.  Let’s try to increase postpartum support by empowering women with information they can use sooner rather than later.


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